DuPage Project Associates, Inc (DPA) was formed in 1990, by Michael Wido and Matt Lundeen. At that time, the founders had a combined twenty five years of development and management experience on mainframe and microcomputer platforms.

Mike and Matt began developing desktop applications using Visual Basic, starting with release 1.0. Through most of the 1990's they built many desktop, database and multimedia applications for some of the pharmaceutical companies in the Chicago area. Many of these applications were part of a sales force automation project, which included sales and forecasting, multimedia training CD-ROMs and reporting systems for management.

In the late 1990's, Mike developed multiple releases of a desktop and networked database application that was used in 3000 clinics throughout the U.S. to track test results, dosing and unexpected events in over 600,000 patients for a particular drug. At about the same time, DPA began developing dynamic web sites. Many of the web sites were in the trade show industry, handling attendee and session registration, room bookings and payment processing. Matt passed away in early 1998.

After the turn of the century, Mike continued to develop desktop database and multimedia applications, but the number of these projects slowly decreased as the Internet continued to grow. Now Mike almost exclusively builds dynamic Internet and Intranet sites in a variety of industries and many platforms.