DPA has developed a variety of applications, ranging from data driven web sites to multimedia CDs and database applications.

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Other projects include:

Belt Calculator
Nutrition Program
A web-based timing belt calculator for a small engine belt manufacturer. The user could request the calculations based on a variety of known parameters, such as pully sizes, gear ratio, belt length and distance between the two pulleys. A multimedia training program used in health centers to teach children about nutrition. The program consisted of a meal planner, food pyramid and interfaced with an exercise bicycle to illustrate how much activity is required to burn off the calories associated with certain foods.

Dermatology Learning System

Proposal Generator
A multimedia training program used to train a pharmaceutical company's sales force prior to the launch of a new drug. The menuing system prevented the user from skipping sections or taking them out of sequence. Users were locked out of future topics until mastery is achieved on each topic's mastery test. An intelligent proposal generator for a major healthcare provider. This system required entry of existing test volumes and diagnostic equipment for a lab, and proposed a new configuration. An entire presentation for the account manager was generated, including graphs and charts showing cost savings.
Audience Response System
Contact Manager
An Audience Response System that allows an instructor to pose questions and tally the results quickly. This was written in Visual Basic and interfaced with the voting hardware though a COM port. A contact manager for sales representatives for a chemical distributor. This was written in Visual Basic with an Access database. The program also had the ability to import actual sales data so a rep could see where they stood in comparison to their forecast at any given time.
Registration Web Site
Attendee registration web sites for trade shows. Over 2 dozen were developed for multiple clients with a wide variety of features. Credit card processing, head count caps for workshops or hotels and breakout/meeting room reservations are some of the features developed.